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Get information about a cars history with our comprehensive history check
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Q2 2019
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Buying a used car?

Check a used cars history and buy with confidence. With our free, and comprehensive vehicle checks, we give you an insight in to a vehicles past, helping you filter out cars which may have a questionable past.

We check outstanding finance linked to both the vehicle registration and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), any insurance claims on the vehicle, stolen and exported markers and help identify vehicles which may have been clocked or cloned.

What we check

 MOT History and Mileage

With data sourced directly from the DVLA, we check the full MOT history of a vehicle and verify its mileage with the National Mileage Register (NMR), flagging all instances where mileage may have been altered.

 Stolen or Exported

We check with the DVLA if a vehicle has been exported and also check if it’s been registered as stolen on the Police National Computer (PCN) and MIAFTR (Motor insurance fraud and theft register).

 Outstanding Finance Check

With our comprehensive vehicle check, we check for any outstanding finance linked to the registration number as well as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

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