Electric Vehicle Charging Point Craignure Car Park


Craignure, Isle of Mull
Argyll and Bute
PA65 6WZ

Access times


Charging point information

  • 24hr access to charging point

There is 1 electric car charging point available at Craignure Car Park in Craignure, Isle of Mull, Argyll and Bute. This electric car charging point is operated under the ChargePlace Scotland network. Please see below for available connectors at this location and for additional charging points nearby.

To find additional charging points on the ChargePlace Scotland network, or other network charging points around Craignure, Isle of Mull, search electric vehicle charging points.

Location type

Public car park

Available Connectors

129275 Type 2 Mennekes (IEC62196)

22.0kW / 32A / 400V

‘Smart’ charging point - Fast charge

129276 CCS Type 2 Combo (IEC62196)

22.0kW / 60A / 400V

Rapid Charge

129277 JEVS G105 (CHAdeMO) DC

22.0kW / 60A / 400V

Rapid Charge
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