New 2023 BMW 7 Series

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New 2023 BMW 7 Series

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The BMW 7 Series has always been a luxury limousine that offers a combination of poise, dynamism, and modernity. The latest iteration, the seventh generation BMW G70, continues this tradition while also introducing a number of new features, technologies, and awe-inspiring gadgets one can only imagine have been specially developed by Q Branch for 007.

Nowadays, even secret agents like James Bond are conscious of the environmental impact of their fossil-fueled road yachts. For the first time ever, BMW has included an all-electric variant of the 7 Series, the new BMW i7, which is the German automaker’s sixth pure electric car and is set to be a trendy option amongst buyers.

BMW i7

This means that the 7 Series is now available with a range of powertrains, including all-electric, petrol and diesel engines with mild-hybrid technology and a plug-in hybrid option. However, not all of these options will be available in the UK.

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New BMW 7 Series Luxury

The new 7 Series focuses heavily on onboard well-being, with BMW seeking to redefine the luxury car experience around this concept. This model has been completely redesigned with a focus on the individual, offering a unique and personalised experience. In addition to its elegant and premium quality, the 7 Series boasts innovative features that enhance the user experience, including wide-ranging connectivity and sustainable technology. This model is perfect for modern individuals who value personal mobility and want to experience unique moments in everyday life and on road trips.

The new BMW 7 Series boasts a modern style that is all about the essentials, both in its exterior and interior design. Some of the innovative features that set the 7 Series apart and make it the most advanced and innovative vehicle in the luxury segment include the BMW Theatre Screen, the multi-sensory BMW iDrive system with the latest generation of BMW Operating System 8, and the Manoeuvre Assistant for automated parking and manoeuvring. The 7 Series is also known for its enhanced comfort, including the Executive Lounge option for the rear with optimised reclining seats and new BMW Individual Merino leather/cashmere wool interior trim.

BMW Theatre Screen

One of the standout features of the new BMW 7 Series is the inclusion of a 31.3-inch panoramic display, which is available as an option for rear-seat passengers. This feature, which BMW calls the “Theatre Screen” is housed on the roof of the car and can be easily folded out when desired for a cinematic viewing experience. The high resolution display provides a clear, crisp picture, making it perfect for watching movies, TV shows, or other video content on the go.

In addition to the theatre screen, the 7 Series is equipped with BMW’s new OS8 software, which provides a class-leading digital experience. This software includes a number of features designed to enhance the on-board well-being of passengers, such as a personal assistant that can respond to voice commands and a number of relaxation and wellness programs.

New BMW 7 Series Design

The design of the new 7 Series has sparked a lot of debate, with some critics arguing that it is a departure from BMW’s usual style. The front end features classic BMW DNA but is also highly distinctive from other models in the BMW range, with a large grille that illuminates at night and upper lights that are the focal point.

The low and high-beam headlights are recessed into the front apron with integrated adaptive LED daytime running lights as standard. However, the rear of the 7 Series has received criticism for being somewhat generic. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse has said that the company is seeking to spark discussion and controversy with the new design, and that this is a necessary step in creating a future-oriented design language.

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Despite its size and blocky appearance, the new 7 Series has a highly aerodynamic design, with a drag coefficient of just 0.24. This is an especially important factor for the BMW i7, as aerodynamic efficiency is key to maximizing electric driving range. The 7 Series also boasts a number of other advanced technologies, including a self-levelling suspension system, a camera-based assistance system that can recognize and respond to traffic signs and other road features, and potential hazards. These systems can provide a range of assistance, including steering and braking assistance, as well as lane departure and collision warning.

Overall, the new BMW 7 Series is a luxury limousine that offers a combination of traditional BMW virtues, such as driving dynamics and cutting-edge technology, along with a number of new features and technologies designed to redefine the luxury car experience. Whether you are interested in the electric i7 or one of the other powertrain options, the new 7 Series is sure to be a highly attractive proposition for those in the market for a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle.

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